To book a lunch

There is the possibility to book a lunch for Saturday and/or Sunday.

The lunch will be served at Park Hotel Villa Fiorita, location of the competition. You can contact directly the Hotel for the reservation at: .

Each lunch is composed by an unique course and it is offered at a special price of 15€, each person.

The reservation will be reserved no later than 14th October 2015. The meal tickets will be arranged by the reception.


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To the President of the CIPC “Comitè International des Pipe Clubs and to all of its honorary components and members, to the Presidents of the National Federations of Pipe Clubs affiliated to the CIPC, to all the Pipe Clubs and to the interested people in pipesmoking.

The Pipa Club Italia, with the associated Pipe Clubs and all of its Members have the honour to invite you to the 16^ World Cup in Pipesmoking Championship for Team.

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World Cup Pipesmoking Championship for Team

After the frequent appeals of Alain Letulier, then CIPC’s President, the executive Council deliberated to submit a formal request for the assignment of the World Cup Pipesmoking for Team’s organization which was presented to the General Assembly held in Seville in October 2012. The Italy Pipe Team’s members deliberated to assign the World Cup’s organization to a pool of associated teams on the occasion of the event: Circolo Culturale Pipa Club Castello di Conegliano, Calumet Pipa Club Cornuda, Fenice Pipa Club “Carlo Lodi” Venezia e Naonis Pipa Club Pordenone.Obtained the prescribed authorizations, the event was officially presented to the Assembly held in Cologne on the 11th October 2014, obtaining the approval of the President Cornelius Crans and of all Presidents of the present National Federations.

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